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Friday, July 24, 2009

Picture cubes

I was asked recently by one of my nieces if I had my mom's picture cubes. Answer? No, I do not.

I barely remember them. She started them up after I had left home. I do not have them, and I don't think my sister has or had them. I'll check with my brother when I see him next week. Yes, I'm heading up there for a few days.

My usual house sitter will be filling in at home for me, watering plants, eating what perishable food there is in the fridge, doing laundry, maybe some cleaning (?), etc.

I'll let you all know what I find out about the cubes.

In case you don't know what the cubes are; they were clear plastic doo-hickies in which you put pictures, one on each side of the cube, which means each cube could hold a grand total of 6 pictures, wow! But mom had several sitting around the house and I know her grandchildren loved to look at them.


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Rose said...

We did, too. Jamie and I would go straight to her room and see what new ones she had in there. We'd try to find ourselves and then try to figure out who the other people were. We were also sure she had some treasure inside of them if we could just figure out how to get inside!
We had to be very quiet when we were at the grandparents' houses. Gramma Rose was always so smart at coming up with quiet things for us to do to keep us out of trouble.
I love you, Aunt Judi