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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's birthday

Today would have been my mother's 100th birthday. Quite a landmark if she had lived this long.

Unfortuntely for we who survived her, but fortunately for her she went to be with her Lord about 20 years ago.
I recall her birthday celebrations. Dad was in charge. Does that tell you anything? Celebrations consisted of mom doing all the work. Getting her own dinner (and breakfast and lunch). And then after dinner she would open her gifts. Dad always gave her something really nice -- a very pretty dress, a new hat, a piece of "good" jewelry, etc. She always told him he spent way too much. We children usually gave her a handmade card, or a hankie (again with the hankies?), or a home-made pot holder. Sometimes two of us would put together and get her a new bottle of perfume. Some "rose" scent. She, of course, over-reacted as a good mother would, as she opened her children's gifts.
Now she's gone and I can't talk to her any more. Someday I shall.
Happy birthday, mom.

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Rose said...

sounds just like my birthdays... amazing how (and which) traditions are passed on.
I miss her, too!
Love ya!!!