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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't you just love...

...the smell of the outdoors after a good, heavy, soaking rain in late spring? I do. Always have. I have to admit that the smells in Runnemede were a lot different than the aromas here in N. Ky. For one thing, my mom had flowers all over the place and the smell of all those plants mixed together was, well, heavenly. The roses would be just blooming now, the lilacs finishing, the lilies of the valley in full bloom, and her irises would be almost open. Mom's herbs would be putting forth from their remains from last year -- her basil, chives, oregano, etc.

Here in N. KY the only plants in bloom right now are azaleas and after the hard rains of the past day and a half, there are very few blossoms left. Add to that the fact that today the lawn people mulched -- mulch isn't a particularly nice smell.

Mom's mulch wasn't too bad. She kept her leafy greens and coffee grains and other vegetarian left overs in a pile behind the garage and used that to "aid" her plantings from time to time. The pile was started with leaves from the Autumn raking of the yard. So, I guess her mulch really smelled mostly like a walk in the forest. Mulch, at least the brand used here, smells like -- well, you know. It stinks, but it works.


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Notes from the Holler said...

Yes! I LOVE the smell in the air after it rains -- I was just thinking that today, actually, as I was outside doing some things with my plants. :o)