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Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Days past

Taking a note from my niece, Lori, who publishes her "Flashback Friday" on her BLOG most Fridays, I'm posting some pictures from our past Memorial Day family get togethers. They were always fun.
What you can't see, is that there was a ping-pong table in the basement of Aunt Anne's house, and believe me it was well used by the cousins -- AFTER we ate! Uncle Joe also had a horse-shoe game set up in the back yard, and further down in the hollow out back, they had set up crocket, so we did have things to do besides talk. But we Italians are known for our chatting -- and getting caught up each other's lives was another big part of that day in May. Back then Memorial Day was on the 30th of May (my son, Phil's birthday, by the way); not the last Monday in the month.

So, enjoy the pictures. And no, I'm not starting my own "Flashback Friday."

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