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Friday, May 29, 2009

Family pictures

Back row: Alan, Quinn Ford (Becky's husband), Becky, Toria Stamper (Cyndi's daughter) holding Ellie (Cyndi's daughter), Amy (Phil's wife) holding Matthew (Phil's youngest), Phil Hahn, Shandon Stamper, Jr. (Cyndi's oldest); Shandon, Sr. (Cyndi's husband), Cyndi Stamper holding Jack (her youngest).
Middle row: Dan Ford, Jonah Stamper, Adam Stamper, David Hahn
Front Row: Judi, Annie Ford, Rachel Hahn, Grace Ford, Rose Hahn
NOTE: Last names tell to which parent the children belong.
Why is it that children take such awful pictures? They are supposed to smile and they stick out their tongue, or they move, or they wiggle (thus blurring even a digital picture). This is the best of several pictures taken of our family (Alan's and mine).
Only my own children (and my oldest grandchild) have ever visited Runnemede. And Shandon, Jr., my dear grandson, was only two months old when he visited my father, so I know he doesn't remember it.

Anyway, this is a picture of the family. And I've listed who everyone is.


Notes from the Holler said...

Great family picture, Judi! The funny expressions and such make it that much better! :o)

wabisabigirl said...

That's a good family picture!

Rose said...

Y'all are just beautiful! How fun and happy everyone looks :-)