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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two pictures

Here are two pictures you folks might be interested in. One is me when I was just 16. Aren't those glasses something else? And the other is when I was 18. The blouse I'm wearing in that picture was a peach color, and I received it in a care package along with a couple other things from my cousin Bette when I was about 15. I only wore it on special occasions because I loved it and wanted to keep it. Also since it was sleeveless, the wearing season was shortened. So it was with me for a long time. Actually, I outgrew it before I outwore it. :)

And...don't you just love the Betty Boop hairstyle. What else was I to do with the natural curl I had. That's about all I could get, even if I styled it, or pin curled it, or used big rollers to flatten it. I even tried ironing it, all to no avail. I think that if I turned around you'd see a french twist or a short pony tail. I could never get a nice pony tail because all my hair would do would curl into a ball. Not at all stylish!

When I started college, at 18, I lost the glasses and only used them for reading, which was stupid because I really couldn't see very well without them and probably made my eyes worse by not wearing them, but vanity kicked in, and there you have it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Oh, yeah, I was really skinny back then.

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