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Monday, June 23, 2008

Moving in

This should probably be posted in The Fat Lady Singeth because it is really something about me and Alan and our life today.

Seven years ago yesterday -- I can't believe it was that long ago, because it seems like yesterday -- we moved into our present home. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Still!!! This place is a God given place for me and Alan. And yes, I know the picture is full of snow and we moved in on a hot, humid summer's day, but I couldn't find any pictures of our yard in summer. And, yes, I could have taken one and downloaded it, and then posted it here, but I'm a bit too lazy to do that today. That would mean I have to WALK to the other end of the condo, and I just WALKED to this end, and the knee is throbbing, as usual.

I was noticing today that the trees have grown so much since we moved in. I can't see the Gazebo any more because the view is blocked by trees that were mere sprouts when we moved in. You can see the Gazebo in the picture above because the trees are bare. That's it in the middle of the picture.

I look around and there are buildings where there was dirt and rock when we moved in. Our building was the eighth of the 16 buildings to be built, and we were the first to move into our building. In mean, the only condo finished when we moved in was ours and the one downstairs was almost there. The other four in this building were still a month or more away from being "finished".

We have good neighbors. We've had some that weren't so good, but they have moved on. We pray over every home that becomes available, asking God to send the right person to that home, and God has blessed us with so many Christian neighbors.

While we don't all attend the same church (several families here do attend our church), many of us are of "like precious faith." How we thank the Lord for that.

Now, it's summer, the trees are in full bloom, and are hiding some of things I can see in the winter, but I don't care. Those trees are full of bird families, and I love sitting on the porch and watching them flitter and flutter from tree to tree. I watch in amazement as they fly and don't crash into anything, and wonder at how they can change directions so quickly. God made an amazing "animal" when he created the birds.

So, it's been seven years. We're not suffering from the "seven year itch" -- wishing we were some place else. We are content with such things as we have. God has blessed.

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