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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The telephone is ringing

Before I get started on the telephone ringing, I would like to welcome a new BLOG to my list of BLOGs (see list left-hand side of my BLOG). The new BLOG is being written by my niece and I think all of you will enjoy it. The link is

So, about the telephone. Gone are the days when we only had one telephone and I could run fast enough to answer it no matter where in the house I was situated. Now, it takes me two rings just to get out of the chair, then at least another two to walk to the nearest phone.

And what happens after I've expended all that effort? It's either dead air or someone telling me I owe them money. All right, already, I know we owe you money. You'll get it when we get it, so leave us alone.

So, I started thinking, we have these portable phones and I could carry one with me wherever I go. That's what I did -- I started carrying a phone with me -- even into the bathroom -- and it never rang.

Today, I forgot that I had a phone in my pocket and I took off the pair of shorts I was wearing and threw them in the washing machine because I was doing laundry and they were dirty. I forgot the phone! I can't believe I forgot the phone was in the pocket. Well, I remembered as soon as the phone rang which was just about the same time as the washing machine was going from its water entering process to its agitating process.

I opened the washer which stopped the agitation, but the phone was not in the pocket, it was not floating on top of the wash. That would be too easy. It was near the middle of the pile which I discovered after I pulled out several articles of dripping wet clothing.

Then I looked at the phone, and swimming in the caller ID area were little fishes. Not really, just bubbles and lots of water. Needless to say, that phone is caput (that's a family saying meaning it's broken and beyond repair).

At this point I'm walking around with the other portable (there were two in the set I bought, good thinking, huh?), but before I picked up the portable -- I tend to forget it after I put it down -- I got a phone call. I KNEW I wouldn't get to another phone in time to find out who was on the other end.

Well, my message system told me -- some credit company wanting money -- what else?

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