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Monday, June 23, 2008

More on my mom

I was writing a comment in my niece's BLOG today and it occurred to me that I never talked about how easy my mom made being a mother seem. I don't recall that she was ever harried, rushed, out-of-control, etc. She always seems to just ease into everything.

I think that's a wonderful thing to remember about my mother, or any mother. I only remember the one thing that caused my mom to be out of sorts and that was her headaches. To my sister and my daughters and to myself, who have suffered from migraines, I wonder now how she did it. She didn't show us that she was down and out. Daddy took over for her. He would put her in their room, darken it, and give her some pills, believing that the pills would work in two minutes. He did the same for me when I got migraines. In a short time, she would be well enough to be our mother again. She never missed a meal or a church service or anything because of a headache.

I remember her throwing up, then feeling fine. Yes, that's how you get out of a migraine headache -- at least in our family -- if you could bring yourself to throw up you would feel fine. But who wants to throw up? I could never gag myself to relieve myself of the headaches. I'd just suffer. How I thank God that I don't get them any more. Now, I spend time praying for those who do. My sister, my nephew, Jake, my daughters, Becky and Cyndi.

So, here's to you mom. You were so quiet and unassuming, and it seemed that nothing bothered you. You handled four children like it was something you had done all your life prior to the four children. And how I wish I had expressed to you while you were with us, how much I appreciated that. Someday I'll tell you.

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