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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring extravaganza

Each spring -- usually sometime in April before the graduation planning and practices went into full swing -- Triton (Regional High school) had a play, musical, or some such thing. This was separate from the spring concert, but might have involved many of the music students.

I was never part of Triton Troupers -- the name of the group that put on these fun-filled events. But I attended each one until I graduated.

I remember the first one was Our Town, and Nancy Touchet was one of the stars of that play. I can't remember too many of the other plays/musicals the Troup put on, but I remember that one. I believe they did Oklahoma when I was a senior.

You'd think I'd remember the one they did when I was a junior because it was one of Alan's and my few real dates -- one that cost money. One where we got to sit together and hold hands. Alan doesn't even remember going to the play with me. Does that tell you where our minds are going?

I recall, though, that we sat in the center of a row, and it was pretty much down in the front. I always prefer the back because I don't have to throw my neck back to watch. Alan can't see so he doesn't care about his neck and would rather sit on the first row. .

So, sister and brother and anyone else who went to Triton from 1958 through 1961, do you remember any of these plays/musicals that the Triton Troupers entertained us with?

If I had been able to afford the yearbooks I could check it out, but I only have one yearbook, my senior yearbook. Can you imagine not being able to come up with $15 for a yearbook? Well, dear folks, $15 might as well have been $1,000 at that time of my life. So, in my yearbook, there is nothing about that play or any other, except a variety show, which I assume was what we saw the year before since pictures for anything after March would never be in the yearbook which came out in May.

'nuf said.

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