Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Monday, February 22, 2010

Facebook and Runnemede

Facebook is amazing. I know it's probably very invasive into the privacy of anyone who signs up and uses it, but it does get me connected with people who I thought were either gone or who are hidden in the recessives of my mind.

Today I found another "friend" who shall remain anonymous. Just let me say to the family, her mom made the best cookies! The family will know who I mean, at least I think they will.

I'm still looking for folks and someday I might find some more.

I remember when I found my cousins. I found them almost simultaneously. I had a state address for one of them and through her I found a couple more who led me to some more and by the end of a week I had found all my living family on my mother's side. Then I received an e-mail from my father's cousin's daughter. And since then I've e-mailed that side of the family as well.

Facebook is helping me find high school friends and church friends and rekindling those friendships long forgotten.


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