Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is a very short post.

My sister reminded me about Runnemede Supply -- the hardware store between one string of shops and another bounded on either side by, if I recall correctly, the bakery and Dink's. The hardware store was Brogan's before it was Runnemede Supply.

My father loved that store. He'd peruse it at least once a week seeing if a new brand of clock came in, or a new brand of flashlight was available. My dad collected flashlights. He also collected pens and pencils, but he went to Philadelphia in search of those collectibles.

I was also reminded that one year my dad bought my mother a ladder for her birthday. I have to say that was the last thing he bought her for her birthday from Brogan's (or Runnemede Supply). Can you imagine getting a ladder for your birthday from your husband? I can. Only in my case it was a vacuum cleaner.

Another memory: Brogan's caught on fire one Sunday evening shortly after church. That was the first fire. Brogan's came back as Runnemede Supply. Apparently that first fire while it was spectacular didn't take away the much needed lumber company. After I left Runnemede there was another fire, which decimated Runnemede Supply.

I'm not sure what is there now. Is it still at hardware store/lumber supply company?



Rose said...

I WISH my DH would get me a ladder for my birthday! How much would that come in handy around here??
I love this BLOG! :-) And that is SO like Grampa.
When I was a visiting kid, he took me to a couple of office supply stores in Runnemede & I loved them- the smell of them, the whole thing. When I got a bit of birthday money this year, I went to the office supply stores (old kind, NOT Staples) in my near town and just remembered him. (and bought assorted pens and pencils!) That same town has an old-fashioned hardware store, too & we love going in there, too.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Judi Hahn said...

I got an electric staple gun for my birthday this year. But there was a time when I wanted more romantic things. Now, I get things I need, not what I want, but that's okay. If I want something and it comes near my birthday, then I usually get it.

Alan and I are at a stage where we can't shop, so we don't really give each other Christmas gifts. Pretty boring, I know. But I need nothing, and I really want nothing, although I always love to get flowers. :)