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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A note from my sister

Deb wrote: I really liked Authors. I wasn't a reader like you, but I knew all the authors' names because of that game. Speaking of Chinese checkers. Whenever we had dinner with Aunt Annie, either at our house or hers, between dinner and dessert she would play Chinese checkers with us kids. The reason I love that game so much and played it with my kids, was because Aunt Annie always got to giggling when we played. And if you remember once she started giggling, laughter followed and our sides hurt from laughing so long and so hard. I remember Aunt Annie loved to laugh, she and Markie together would have us in stitches.

My comment: This remark came about because of my reference to playing Chinese checkers with myself. I really don't think I played many games with Aunt Annie and the "little" kids. My selfish, superior, older self wouldn't allow that. At least I don't remember playing many games with her. But I do remember the laughter and I talked about that in one of my former BLOGs when daddy would take forever with his prayer at Thanksgiving dinner.

Deb also wrote: Mommy sure did keep a clean house when we were kids, I don't know how she did it with all of us, Church responsibilities, gardening, canning, cooking, etc. And she always had time for the LORD. She always found time to read her Bible and to spend time in prayer. Oh, to be more like Mommy.

My comment: She and I had been talking about how we used to clean before arthritis took hold and how we clean today. Notice the different in the type -- clean means really, really clean. Today clean (not bold) means it looks clean, but is it really? Fortunately, even though I have arthritis and have a difficult time walking. If I can get moving, I can bend over. I can still touch my palms to the floor, so cleaning a floor can be done with a bit of elbow grease. But my preference is Swiffer wet. I get the corners with a Mr. Clean eraser and around the commode with the eraser as well. I have a cleaning brush (usually used for cleaning the toilet) that I use exclusively for brushing around the pot and then wipe it up with a rag. Is that too much information?

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