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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cousins - part deux

I think I'll add to the cousins' post with one about David Evangelista. Alan and I visited him and his wife, Linda, last Thanksgiving. And since Thanksgiving is this week, it brought back such pleasant memories.

This is a picture of David and Linda at our condo rental in Crossville, Tennessee last Thanksgiving. What a blessed week it was. On Sunday we went to church -- David is a pastor in Crossville. I actually cried because his teaching was so much like my father's teaching used to be.

They joined us for lunch after the morning church service and I made a thick vegetable soup and served it with lunch meat, good Italian bread, and various cheeses. I also made an apple/pear pie for dessert. Why do I even mention the food? It seems my whole life centers around food, which it doesn't really. I haven't done much cooking since last Thanksgiving, actually.

Anyway, we also went to their home for Thanksgiving. I made another pie, sweet-potato casserole, and I think cole slaw. Linda made the turkey, stuff, and all the other food. And we did have a lot to eat, and it was the best turkey I've had in years. It seems that when someone else does the cooking it tastes so much better than when I cook it. Maybe there's a tiredness factor in there. If one if too tired to really enjoy what they prepared, maybe that's why someone else's cooking tastes so good.

David is still funny -- I remember when I was a teenager, he was always making us all laugh, but then my sister and I talked about that, and we really remember the chuckles. It seems the family was a bunch of gigglers, and when David was around, the giggling was almost raucous.

He was in seminary at the time, and I think his fourth daughter has just been born. He had five girls -- no boys. But that's okay. All his daughters are beautiful women, and they were cute little girls. I have a couple of pictures of the older daughters, faded black and whites.

Anyway, that's one of the cousins. The link to my mother is this: Grandmother Sbaraglia -- my mother's mother -- had five children. The oldest was Daisy. Daisy married Maurice Evangelista and had 8 (?) children, the next to the youngest was David. David is 10 years older than I. So of the Evangelista children, David is just one of them about whom I could write -- and I did.

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