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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm still here

Just wanted you all to know that I'm still here and I have been remiss in posting anything due to Alan's hospitalization. I talked with my brother, Mark, the other night, and he reminded me of a few things, all of which I have commented on, but one. I will write something tonight about his topic. I'll keep you in the dark until then.

I remember one hospital visit when I was a child -- I had my tonsils out. Back in those days they had a children's ward which had probably 20 or more beds in it, and when you had your tonsils out you were kept in the hospital for a couple of days before they let you come home. Not at all like these days when you go in and snip-snip, out come the tonsils, and you're sent home to recuperate.

Now, I'm having trouble with our insurance company wanting to keep up with paying for the care of Alan because they don't think it's necessary. Never mind what his doctors say. The insurance company knows it all, right?

Sorry to be so negative. Just thought you'd want to know that "back in the day" you were kept in the hospital as long as they thought it was necessary.

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