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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday sayings

Several months ago I started listing "sayings" we had when I was a child. First let me say, that I don't like the word "kid". A "kid" is a baby goat. That said, if I err and say something about myself or my family and include the word "kid" or "kids" in the sentence, I'm not referring to any baby goats. We had no goats. We lived next door to chickens. And we had mice, spiders, cats, a dog, gold fish, and probably snakes. I mean, aren't there supposed to be snakes in chicken coops?

That said, I'm posting a picture of Deb (my sister) and me probably not taken on a Sunday (since I appear to be wearing overalls) and I'm sure we were talking to each other. At least I was talking. Since Deb is very young in this picture, she was probably just drooling and saying ma-ma and da-da. So, I can't say that this picture denotes a "Sunday saying", I just thought it was a cute picture.
Back to Sunday sayings: One saying my sister and I had, which isn't really a saying per se, just something we said a lot to each other since we shared a bed for many, many years, was "Keep to your side of the bed."
I have to admit we probably were struggling with our feet when one of us would say that to the other. Then we'd hear mom or dad walking into the room, or in later years to the foot of the attic stairs, and tell us to be quiet and go to sleep.
Sleeping in a bed with a squirmy person isn't easy. I know this because I often sleep next to one grandchild or another on their overnight visits, but I don't ever tell them to "Stay to your side of the bed." I just endure the squirmy and leg kicks.

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