Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Round House

This is truly a "Runnemede Remembered" item.

When I was a child I would bike all over Runnemede and Glendora (the town just south of Runnemede). Located in Glendora, not far from the Runnemede border of Evesham Road there was a house which all us children found fascinating. It was fascinating because it was ROUND. Who ever heard of a round house? Well, there it was on Rowand Avenue in Glendora, having been building in 1947. It's still there. I would ride my bike past it and gawk at it hoping to see someone who lived there, imagining what the layout could possibly be, and wondering what it would be like to have a bedroom with a curved wall -- imagining having any room with a curved wall.

We knew someone resided there because the lawn was kept, there were blooming plants, in season, and you could see lights in the windows should you ride past the place late in the afternoon.

This is just a memory that I had forgotten, but knew someday it would be one of those which I would find and take out of one of the corners of my mind (sounds like a line from a song?).

Picture is of the round house, now titled and referred to as The Cookie Jar House.


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Anonymous said...

I was just shown this house the other day - I want to know more about it!