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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Double Whammy

First shot:

I posted several remembrances about snow days on my other blog: The Fat Lady Singeth if you're interested in "Snow Days remembered."

Now for today's second shot:

I've been re-reading Bill Leap's History of Runnemede, and the book is loaded with maps of Runnemede. My brain has really left me, I'm certain, because I know as a child -- well before it became unseemly for me, a young woman, to be riding a bike all over South Jersey -- I rode my bike all over Runnemede and Glendora. For those unfamiliar with South Jersey geography, Glendora is a town which butts up to Runnemede on the South side.

I looked at those maps of Runnemede, current as of 1976, 10 years after I left the town except for infrequent visits, and discovered that I couldn't remember half of the streets' names or having ridden on them, which I know I had to have done.

The brain is supposed to be a computer, right? So somewhere in my computer -- the one in my head -- all that information is stored and I just have to find the correct combination of buttons to push, so to speak, to recall all that data.

I'm so enjoying the History of Runnemede (again). The book begins in the mid-1600s and continues to 1978 when it was published. Amazon is selling the book for $120 if you're interested. I'm not selling my copy. I think my sister also has a copy of the book. Hers may be signed making it more valuable perhaps. Mine is just a book in pristine condition.

I wish Mr. Leap would update the book from 1976 to present. I've been searching the web looking for an e-mail address for him to suggest same, but have had no luck in finding any way to contact him.

Well, I'll keep at it, if my laptop computer keeps running. It only took five tries to get it to boot up this morning. I'm getting ready for it to crash and burn at any time. I have dumped all my pictures to several "travel drives" and I have backed them up by dumping the entire "pictures" folder to an external hard drive we took from an older computer, had it cleaned up, and have been using for a couple of years. It still has plenty of room on it.

Later today, I hope to pass off my e-mail files to Alan's laptop. Let's see: Alan has three computers -- a humongous desktop computer with lots of storage, a laptop, newly purchase which is empty except for a few games, and a computer in the garage on which he stores all the records of where various items in the house are hidden. And I, alas, have a computer that won't boot up, and is slower than molasses in January. Hey, maybe that's my problem. It's January!

So, folks, it's ttfn, or syl.


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