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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Drexler Saying

For a while I was posting family sayings at a rapid pace. I don't know how many others from Runnemede had these sayings, but today my sister reminded me of another one that my father (and of course the rest of us) used regularly.

Swearing wasn't permitted. That is, damn, wasn't permitted. We were not permitted to take the Lord's name in vane, therefore OMG or any form thereof was verboten. Gosh warranted a smack in the mouth. Golly was okay. At least it didn't warrant a swat.

So today's word could be considered an expletive deleted, but I think it's more a word of frustration or disbelief than anything else.

Today's word: piffle, usually preceded by Oh... Oh, piffle.

So my sister reminded me of this saying and in order to write it down I needed a pencil and paper, otherwise I know I would forget it. Well, piffle, I couldn't find a piece of paper. Oh, piffle the pencil's point was broken.

Get it?


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