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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mrs. Minever

Once again, I watched Mrs. Minever. It was on the old movies channel. I came in on the last hour, right after Dunkirk. I love this movie. It's so clean and wholesome, yet it shows just a little of what it must have been like for the Brits who suffered the brunt of WW II. And, of course, I cried. But then as I mentioned before I cry at almost anything. And no, I'm not depressed!

My father liked this movie and I recall he and I watching it late at night (it was on after the 11 o'clock news) several times. I didn't have to pretend I didn't want to see this program because I knew he would watch it no matter what!

My mom had a Mrs. Minever rose. I wonder what ever became of it. It was a beautiful red rose, not pink/red, not dark red like Crimson Glory, but a true red, and the blossoms were perfect. It was in the side yard in her "rose garden" near the Crimson Glory rose. The bush never got very bushy, but it always produced a few roses which my mom would relish like they were a new baby. She loved her children and her roses.

I tried to raise roses on several occasions, but I don't have a green thumb and they just die on me, so I gave up. Even my lavender died this year, and that usually grows like a weed! I can grow clover, though. :) That's a weed, isn't it?

If you haven't seen the movie, get if from Netflix or Block Busters. It's a good, clean movie. Lots of hymns playing in the background. Scripture read.

Amazing the film came from Hollywood. You'd never see a movie like that today made by the moguls. You might see a similar movie made privately, but not one that was made by MGM or Fox or Warner. Again, rent it, you'll love it.



Lori said...

I've actually never watched that movie, surprisingly. I need to do that. Sounds like a good one! :-)

Amy said...

I've seen that movie and loved it!! It's been awhile though - I'll have to rent it again soon.