Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I wrote a short but sweet note on The Fat Lady Singeth about complaining -- something about which I am an expert.

This really has to do with Runnemede because....

I didn't grow up in a era where every five minutes someone in power was complaining about what happened last year or in the last administration or in the administration three powers back. No, the powers that be just dug in and started digging us out of the supposed mess that was left them. And they did dig us out by not doing a whole lot, but by leaving it to US to do it.

We worked to get ourselves into a higher pay bracket than our parents, and were taught in high school how to do that. We were not taught that the government would take care of us if we failed. In fact, failure was not an option back then. We HAD to succeed, somehow, we had to push on and do it for ourselves. No entitlements for us, no way!

Now, all has changed. I don't see us getting dug out. Unfortunately, I know too many people out of work, out of much needed medical insurance, and also out of food. This is not uncommon among the younger people I know. And since the people of my age of mostly retired, we are still not too worried about where our next meal is coming from. Meals on Wheels is still going strong.

And, most of the folks of my age aren't worried about medical bills. They know they're not going to be around to pay them.

But I am concerned for my children and my grandchildren. I just can barely listen to the news any more because I hear about more spending of money that doesn't exist on programs that are a dream and still don't exist, and probably never will exist.

We need to pray for our country as never before. I recall the prayer services we had (in Runnemede) during the Korean war. I don't recall any services specifically for our country during the Viet Nam War era. I recall churches getting together after 9/11. In fact, that very night, churches all over this area of the country (N. KY) were open for prayer, and they stayed open for days.

Is anyone praying for our country now? Isn't it time that we did?



wabisabigirl said...

Yeah, it's pretty scary, isn't it!?

Rose said...

I agree. I was raised the same way. And we are praying. Thanks for letting your voice be heard on this!