Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Thursday, June 11, 2009

554, now 555

This is my 555th post on this BLOG. That's a lot of "notes" about living in Runnemede, or my family, or anything else I want to talk about. I guess it's time to quit this BLOG. Enough has been said, and I doubt I'll remember any other "stories" to tell about my growing up time in this -- as I remember it -- wonderful small town in south Jersey.

Runnemede's claim to fame is nondescript. In fact, I don't know that it has one, except that it is an exit (number 3) off the NJ Turnpike. I imagine that the exit number has been changed to comply with the new standard I see as I drive back and forth along the roads to NJ from Cincinnati.

It used to be that the exit numbers were a small number -- No. 1 was the first stop, beginning of the road in that particular state. Then the next exit off these limited access roads was the next number (2). However, a few years ago, the highway departments started to post the exits as mile numbers. Since I haven't driven the NJ Turnpike for many years, I don't know whether they have changed the exit numbers to comply with this shift on roads throughout the USA.

I guess the mile number exit makes more sense, but I shall always know that Exit 3 on the NJ Turnpike was home -- Runnemede.

You gotta love it.



Rose said...

You're right- it should always be exit 3. Dang, how the heck will I find it now??? I truly hate driving in the north as it is.

I can't believe you're quitting this BLOG! :-( That's a sad thing to me. Are you still leaving it up for a while? I have yet to get the whole thing printed out.

Thanks for all you've shared with us on here. We'll really miss you.


Lori said...

If you come up with new ideas will you still blog? Or are you hanging up your blogging hat? I hope not. :-( You got all of us started blogging, you know. And, I LOVE to read all your blogs. Maybe new stories will come to mind, but WOW 555 entries. That's fantastic!!

Judi Hahn said...

I'll leave it up for a while, and I might comment from time to time, but mostly I'll use The Fat Lady BLOG to communicate with family. And I can put on there that I said something on RR.

Judi Hahn said...

I'm not leaving blogging. I still have the Fat Lady blog and the RR Recipe blog. I'll leave RR up for a while and might even add to it, it I think of something new to write about. But if I do think of something new, it will be a GOd-thing, because my brain is almost dead.