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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soccer grandmom

When I was a girl growing up in Runnemede, New Jersey, there was no such thing as a soccer mom, let alone soccer grandmom. We didn't play soccer. When I got to Triton High School we had our requisite two weeks of kicking the ball around, but I never got the hang of it, nor did I want to.

My own children did not have a soccer mom, because when they were youngsters soccer was just starting to be an athletic activity in the township in which we lived. Now there are soccer fields galore all around the township. Back when my children would have or could have played soccer the only fields were at the high schools.

So, while this really has nothing to do with Runnemede, it sort of does, because now I am a full-fledged, lipstick wearing soccer grandmom. One thing you don't want to mess with is a soccer grandmom.

I went to Dan's and Grace's soccer game today. They are in a league at their church. And both Dan and Grace are on the same team. Both have outstanding skills for their ages -- and I'm speaking objectively, not out of my devotion to my grandchildren.

Well, the other team's coach was settled in right next to my daughter and me and we got into it in a friendly way. His team only had four children show up. The other team (my grandchildren's team) had six show up. And from the beginning I could tell that Dan's and Grace's team was far superior to the other team. And, while I sort of felt sorry for the coach of the LOSING team, I really didn't. He is a really nice man who attends Becky's and Quinn's church. So our "wrangling" was all in friendship.

I guess you all are wondering who won the game. Well, of course, my grandchildren's team won -- Dan score two of the three points.

Dan, Dan, he's our man, if he can't do it Gracie can, etc.

So, today I really became a soccer grandmom. While I have attended a couple of their games in the past, today I really felt like a soccer grandmom and really enjoyed the game. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Oh, and I wasn't really wearing lipstick, just chapstick. Does that count?


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