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Friday, October 10, 2008

Daddy was a Republican

I can do several BLOGs about my father's politics. He hated Harry Truman's party, but loved Harry Truman. He would not and never did vote for him, but he was glad (as I recall) that Dewey lost and Harry won.

My father would NEVER vote for anyone but a Republican (except once when one of his Sunday School boys ran for mayor in Runnemede on the Democrat ticket).

I told my dad that I had voted Democrat in one of Ohio's primaries back in the 70s and he was aghast. He wouldn't talk to me for hours. I finally explained why I had crossed ranks, so to speak -- it was because I didn't want the OTHER democrat to be on the ticket against my republican because I knew the OTHER democrat -- the one I didn't vote for -- would beat the republican I really wanted to win in November. Confused?

Well, my father understood what I had done, but he told me to warn him if I ever did anything so awful again.

For those of you FEC folks out there monitoring this BLOG, rest assured, my father NEVER, EVER told the folks in church who to vote for, nor encouraged them to vote for either a Republican or Democrat. I do recall, though, that he mentioned that one of the mayoral candidates had been a boy in his Sunday School class years ago, and he would be voting for him because he knew him, but he never mentioned the boy's (then man's) name, and only those few folks who were at the church back in those days would have known who he meant.


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