Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I know I've touched on this topic before. As I mentioned, my mom and dad were not dessert people, so any dessert at all was a treat for us, even if was plain, green, lime jello.

Tonight, I presented one such dessert to Alan, who loves desserts because his mom was big on giving his family desserts (at every meal, including breakfast, and then at night just before bed).

Anyway, I presented him with canned peaches! Yes, canned peaches. Plain, old canned peaches. I love them. And for me, growing up, they were a real treat. We children always fought over the syrup, and mom would carefully dole out the syrup into 1/4 servings so we each got a fair share. Mom generally canned 48 quart jars (or more) of peaches each year, and also made peach-pit jelly, about which I know I've written.

So, as we were enjoying this dessert -- I say we, because I was enjoying it, and Alan likes anything sweet -- I mentioned that this reminded me of a fall evening dessert from when I was growing up. And then I said, "You probably didn't get much canned fruit in Kenya" (where he grew up). He said it was one of his favorite desserts as well.

Then, I said, "Your mom didn't just serve plain, old, canned fruit. She had to have added cake or something to it." He didn't say anything. I figured he was going to drop the subject, then he chimed in, "Ginger snaps -- that would go well with this fruit -- that's what we usually had." And then I remembered, we often had ginger snaps with our fruit dessert as well. But more often we had those dry, butter cookies that were sort of shaped like a flower with a hole in the middle. I don't know the name of them, but they were made by Keebler.

So, that's my dessert tale, and I'm sticking to it.



Fro said...

Whipped cream is a nice addition. :)
With or without cookies or cake.

J. Rose Snow said...

Hi! Well, thanks to your inspiring example once again, I started a blog, too. A Day in SWVA. and my first one was about food. ;-)
I love you so much, Aunt Judi!!!
Hope you and Uncle Alan are well.
Jenn Rose Snow