Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Friday, October 10, 2008

New readers

I'm actually getting more interest from readers who live in Runnemede. I'm surprised almost every day when I receive a comment (not all are posted) from a "stranger" about the BLOG. I hope as they say, they are really enjoying it.

This last year plus has been an experience for me. A mind-taxing experience as I try to dig out of my mind those lost memories of Runnemede. There are so many things running around in my mind and I have to categorize them and single them out so they are not just a jumble of thoughts -- as they are at the present time. So I write down topics and thoughts and think about them for days and days. Then after I've thought about them I write about them.

I know there is so much more about my time in Runnemede and my growing up time that will be awakened as I continue this trek through my past.

I pray that this small remembrance will be a nudge to my grandchildren to look at their heritage -- at least on my side of the family, as I don't know much about Alan's family at all.

As an avid scrapbooker, I still have all these pictures in my mind of sitting on the floor of the small bedroom -- actually in that small closet -- pasting cards and cut-outs from cards into a scrapbook, and writing down from whom the card came and the occasion for that particular card. I am sitting cross legged -- a feat that would NEVER occur today -- and sticking my tongue out as I glue (I still stick my tongue out as I type, play the piano, anything that requires concentration) those pictures into the book.

I wonder what ever happened to those books?


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