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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


BLOGging has fulfilled a childhood desire of mine -- writing.

I recall when I was in second grade I wrote something about autumn and it appeared in the school (grades 1-8) newspaper. I was so excited. There was my name in print and my article had found a space in that little paper. It was the beginning, and I wrote articles for almost every school paper that was published while I was in the Runnemede Grade School system. That's not to say that the articles were great, they certainly were not, but it did start something.

Unfortuntately, I didn't keep copies of those essays.

In high school I also wrote little articles, not on current events, or reporting things that were going on in school, but articles about what the clubs were like, who was in them, why people should join them, etc.

Then when short skirts came out, I remember that I asked if I could write an article for the high school paper on short skirts -- not the fact that we weren't permitted to wear anything that was above the knee (which led to the kneeling test), but how the girls felt about them and whether it was a fad that would last or not. It was almost a full column. And the responses to my questions were interesting, to say the least. When I asked the teachers what they thought, most thought it was a fad and that it wasn't a good fad. Too much skin showing on girls. I mean, why didn't the girls just wear their Bermuda shorts to class? And those knobby knees? Who wanted them to show? Apparently most of the girls in the high school.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep copies of those essays either.

In college I wrote a couple of articles for the literary magazine. And then nothing for a long time.

When I was in politics (minor politics, not national) I wrote several articles for the local newspapers. Some were published some were not. But they were basically reporting on the state of education in the State of Ohio, and who would read them.

Well, BLOGging has fulfilled my aspiration for writing. I have really enjoyed telling tales (that's sounds like they aren't true, but they are) about my growing up years. This is not the end of the writings, just thought you might like to know that I'm enjoying the writing experience.


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