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Monday, September 22, 2008

The longest living Sbaraglia

Well, this isn't about the Sbaraglia who lived the longest, because I really don't know who that was, but this is about our Cousin Micki -- she will be 84 in a couple of days (September 25) and she is our longest living (notice I didn't say oldest) relative on the Sbaraglia side. I think Herb Young (my father's cousin) is still alive and he would be about that same age.

Now, Uncle Joe Egitto -- he's still alive, living in an assisted-living facility in Western Philadelphia -- he's 92, but he isn't a blood relative. He was Aunt Annie's husband, so he is related by marriage.

So, here's to Micki. Lively, vivacious still. I talked to her a couple of days ago and she's still mowing her own lawn; albeit tentatively. I would post her address -- as she doesn't have e-mail -- but privacy reasons prevent me from doing that. I have included a very recent picture of her.

The Yodelling Cowgirl -- Micki Evans (Martha Evangelista, her mom was Daisy Sbaraglia Evangelista, my mother's (Rose's) sister).


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