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Monday, September 8, 2008

Potato Chip Sandwiches

I wasn't sure whether to put this at this BLOG site or at The Fat Lady Singeth, but since this food delicacy comes from my growing up time in Runnemede I thought I'd put it here.

Today I had one of my favorite sandwiches (I didn't say hoagie which, if made in an Italian deli, is my all-time favorite). It was liverwurst, white American cheese, and potato chips. Yes, potato chips, piled high inside the bun -- it was, of course, masterfully built on a hamburger bun. Yum.

As I was wolfing it down, I thought about the potato chip thing.

My mother was NOT a gourmet cook. Oh, I loved her cooking, but it was meat and potatoes, bread and jelly cooking. For a treat, we would get something other than PB&J for lunch. I dislike immensely PB&J, always have. By the time I got to my school lunch the bread would be so soggy because of the jelly bleeding through the bread. Yuck!

Some of you may recall the episode of The Cosby Show where Bill Cosby was piling potato chips on his hoagie (you see he's from Philadelphia and knows how to properly prepare a hoagie). Well, my mom invented that, and I will go to my death with a sword in my hand defending my mom as not only the inventor, but the champion maker, of potato chip sandwiches.

These sandwiches were a very special treat. Now, you NEVER have potato chips on a PB&J, so that sandwiches is eliminated from the contest at the very beginning for which I am eternally grateful.

But, most anything else is fair game to be classified as a potato chip sandwich. Today, I had liverwurst and American cheese piled high with potato chips -- so that was first and foremost a potato chip sandwich. Cream cheese and olives are secondary when you add potato chips between the bread slices. Tuna fish and chips (fish and chips Drexler/Sbaraglia style) is exceptional.

Now, I'm not talking about the potato chips being an accompaniment to the actual sandwich, I'm talking about the sandwich accompanying the potato chips. Very simple really.

So you nieces, nephews, daughters, and son, cousins, and anyone else who reads this -- spice up your life, make your next sandwich a potato chip sandwich. Forget the carbs and calories, enjoy a treat.



Fro said...

great on bologna or roast beef sandwiches, too :)

Lori said...

I am almost positive I remember my dad eating tuna and chip sandwiches when we were kids. I always thought it was weird, but now I know where he learned that. You fill in so many blanks for me! :-)

Judi Hahn said...

TO FRO: PCs are good on ANY sandwich except PB&J. Nothing can improve a PB&J.