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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shared birthdays

I just realized that my niece Heather (my brother Carl's oldest daughter) and my Cousin Micki (about whom I wrote a lot about in March 2008) were born on the same date. September 25.

Well, Micki is going to be 84. She won't mind that I mention her age. I think she's rather proud of it. And she seems to be still going strong. Heather will be the same age as my son Phil, and you will have to figure that out for yourself. I don't think she would want me to mention her age as she's way under 65 and women don't start bragging about their ages until their on Medicare. Oh yeah, the teenagers pad their ages when they are growing up, but they don't really even brag about their age or really want it mentioned, I don't think.

As an aside, I remember the day Heather was born -- or rather the night her mom went into labor. Linda (her mom) called me because I had just had Phil a few months prior, and wanted to know if she was, in fact, in labor. Well, I had to tell her that I didn't remember a thing about labor pains. I was drugged and really didn't remember any pain at all -- no epidoral, just scapolamine and darvon. My water broke, nothing happened -- no contractions, so they induced him, and I recall a couple of back breaking pains, but that's all I recall until I woke up about an hour after he was born. Scapolamine (also known as truth serum and I can't imagine what secrets I let loose with) knocks you out like either, but apparently it was considered safer. It was a nice evening, though, and Linda decided to go to the hospital and she had Heather only a few hours later. Good thing she went to the hospital and didn't rely on my non-recollection of labor.

Back to the issue at hand -- shared birthdays (and other dates).

I know, I used to subtract 10 years from my age after I hit 27 -- the year my first child was born (another clue to Heather's age).

Other shared birthdays? I'm not aware of any, but there has to be, doesn't there in such a large family.

I know my mom and dad and my son, Phil, and his wife, Amy, and Alan's brother David, and his wife, Libby, share a wedding anniversary -- March 21. First day of spring must be a date for a lot of people to get married on!

I think I'll go through all the Facebook people in the family and check out birthdays and see if there are any more share birthdays. If there are, I'll add them in here.


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Lori said...

I can tell you that my sis-in-law Cara has a birthday on Mar. 21st. And, my Madie missed that date by only an hour and eleven minutes. ;-)