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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Don't you just love this picture?  It's Micki (two years ago) and Alan lovin' on her.  He just loves our visits with her.

Well, folks, and some of you in Runnemede might remember her, she had a stroke on Thanksgiving Day.  She's in the hospital in rehab and doing quite well.  She had a knee replacement in mid-October and was going through her home-rehab, feeling really awful after the physical therapist left. 

Thing is:  I had called her right after her visit with the therapist and she told me she wasn't feeling well, and that her leg was really numb, but we both thought it was because of the PT she had just gone through.  Fortunately, after I hung up, she  called her friend and told her she couldn't feel anything in her leg (the one that was supposedly fixed) who came right over and got her to the hospital.

For you in Runnemede:  Micki was on the radio (before TV) and had a program coming out of Philly every Saturday morning.  I listened to it religiously, and she did make at least one "appearance" at church and sang a few hymns with her guitar.

She is now 85 years old.  Praying for her would be appreciated.  I'll keep you all updated.


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Lori said...

Poor Micki. Please let her know we're praying for her. Hope she recovers quickly and is able to go back to her home again soon.