Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas tree

We always had one.  We didn't get it until just a couple of days before Christmas, although I remember mom asking dad over and over to pick one up, and everyday he'd come home from the post office WITHOUT a tree.  I think he was waiting for the price to drop.  I mean $5 was a lot of money back then, and he was waiting for the dollar sale.  So we usually got a tree, a scraggly tree around December 22 or December 23. 

Tinsel was saved from year to year -- back then it was made of aluminum foil, not plastic -- and it had to be draped just so.  Dad, the perfectionist, made certain of that.  Me?  I'd just throw it on the tree.  I had no patience for draping.

I recall the beautiful glass balls we had, which are now waiting to be hung on my tree.  The box is out which has all these precious oldies, and I'm waiting for a spurt of energy to get me going to add them to my tree.

Do you all like my new border?  It's so reminiscent of those days back in the 40s and 50s.  The sleigh looks so much like the sleigh which was parked next to Santa's "house" in front of the Municipal building -- which was Santa's second home.  His first home was at the fire house.  There was no room for anything but his chair at that gathering place.

And the reindeer?  I recall so many folks having a similar chach-key in their front yard.  The wreath is not unlike what you'd find on many doors in town. 

Ah, yes, I loved Runnemede at Christmas time.  How many times have I said that?  Old people tend to be repetitive, but the love of the small town, the decorations on peoples' lawns, porches, and doors, all are remembered fondly.

They say, "You can't go back."  I know that's true.  I wonder how the old town is decorated this year.



The Lady of the Holler said...

Love that snow man! Did I tell you I once built a snow man that was six feet tall .......? :o)

Judi Hahn said...

From two inches of snow? Yes, several times. I still don't believe it!

Bill Tracy said...

In our family, I saw the Christmas tree as some kind of insanity. While it was not purchased until a few days before Christmas, it could not be touched until the evening of Christmas eve -- as if there was not already enough going on at that point. Now the tree was dragged inside. It had to be mounted in a stable base, lights had to be placed just so, and tested and replaced as needed. Then ornaments, hundreds it seemed, had to be hung. And finally, my mother had to supervise the tinsel installation -- lest someone be imprudent enough to throw a piece of it at the tree (as the Nature we strove to emulate would so casually do!). And finally, usually just before leaving for Midnight Mass it would be done, and the oohs and aahs began.

For me, I'm more a fan of a simple Advent wreath!

Judi Hahn said...

Bill: Your family Christmas sounds just like mine. Was that some sort of Runnemede tradition maybe? Just kidding. I like the froo-froo and frivality of the season, even though it wears me out.