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Monday, December 7, 2009

December musings

I know I loved December for more reasons than it was the month of Christmas. 

I know I loved snow.  I still do.  I really don't mind driving in snow, I just don't like ice, and it seems that while in NJ we got snow, out here in N. KY we get ice.  It's beautiful, but oh, so treacherous.

I know I loved finding a gift for my mom and dad. something I hoped they would like, knowing the whole time that my 50 cents didn't go very far.  However, when they opened their gift, they always oohed and aahed, and seemed to think that they got the most wonderful gift in the world.  At least that's what I remember.

I know I loved wrapping gifts.  I have never been good at it.  That is, my dad was perfect at wrapping gifts.  All the corners were squared off, and the ends of the packages had even triangles taped together to hold the paper tight.  My package ends never match, I rarely get the scotch tape to hit correctly on the first try, thus having to put more tape on a package than is necessary.  But I love curling ribbon (I wrote about that a couple of years ago). 

I never liked addressing Christmas cards, and I still don't.  For many years I didn't send any.  Then we moved to a community where everyone sends cards to everyone else.  I had to "keep up with the Joneses."  This year, however, I'm cutting way back.  I finally found the cards I bought last year to send out this year, so I hope to get them addressed tomorrow.

I loved to watch my mom bake.  I loved to watch her cut out cookies.  I loved that she let me put some sprinkles on the sugar cookies.  Mom didn't bake much because the ladies in the church always showered us with boxes and boxes of cookies, which I must say were much better than anything my mom baked.  I hope to get some cookies made this weekend.

I loved Christmas Eve dinner and caroling with the other teens in the church (when I finally got to be a teenager).  I was so glad when my 13th Christmas had arrived, since I envied the teens the caroling events each year.  All that cocoa!

And, did I mention, that I loved the snow?  Yes, I did, and we had snow back then.  Global warming hadn't hit NJ I guess. 

Just a few things I remember about December.  Hey I made a poem!


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