Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More about my father

I was watching something on TV last night and noticed something that reminded me of a "trick" my father liked to perform. Of course, he wouldn't do this "trick" if we begged him. Oh, no! He would save the "trick" for a time when it would be most embarrassing for his children.

My father had several flashlights -- I've written about that before -- and several of them were penlights -- you know the kind of light the doctor shines in your mouth to see your throat more clearly.

My father would take that penlight and hold it behind his earlobe, light the penlight, and his earlobe would turn bright red. He thought that was funny. So did we, most of the time.

But...not when you're in your second year of college and invite a fellow math major home for dinner. Not, not at that time. At that time, it's just plain embarrassing.

MTF -- I thought of a few more and I'll add them from time to time.


Lori said...

But, isn't that the job of parents? To completely embarrass their children? Gramps did it to you guys, dad did it to us, and I plan on completely enjoying doing it to my kids. :-)

Judi Hahn said...

You're mean!!!!!