Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another picture

This is Alan and me the day after we got back from Bermuda (our honeymoon). Boy were we tan! And do you believe how skinny we both were?

We got married on August 27, 1966 in Runnemede, at that small church, and we squeezed a lot of people into that little building for the "Day of Infamy" as my father put it.

Daddy had broken his toe the day before the wedding and he was hobbling down the aisle with me, and he kept whispering to me, "This is a day of infamy." Did that mean he didn't like Alan? I don't think so. He just didn't want me to ever get married and move away, that's all. And I think he was trying to make me laugh or calm me or something. Although his hobbling down the aisle with that broken toe was enough to get me started giggling.

I giggle when I'm nervous. Always have. I used to sing in a girls quartet at church, and had to swallow the giggles everytime we sang. Same with recitals -- violin or piano. I would giggle.

I remember when I tried out for All State Chorus (NJ). I giggled through the whole try-out, and needless to say, didn't make chorus. Oh, well. At least I tried. My college interview? I giggled the whole time, and finally explained to the Dean who was interviewing me that I had this giggling thing that happened when I was nervous. He understood. I was accepted at the college.

But back to the picture. I love this picture of us. We're wearing our Bermuda hats. I think Alan still has his. He never throws anything away. I know I don't still have mine, though. I only have one hat, and it's not from Bermuda.



Lori said...

"The Day of Infamy"?! haha That sounds just like something Gramps would say. He had such a funny sense of humor.

wabisabigirl said...

I love that picture!!