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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glad Tidings

Yes, Glad Tidings.  Uncle Bill, who's been ready to go Home for several years now, finally is at Home with his Saviour, Jesus Christ.  He died quietly at home yesterday. 

Also, Sad Tidings.  I want to express my sorrow (and joy) to Jean and David.

Uncle Bill (Manduka) as a blessing to me and Alan for all of our lives together, including when we first started dating.  He drove us all over South Jersey to multi-church activities where we could meet and mingle with teens from churches not located in Runnemede. 

After he got his e-mail set up he was a great source of information regarding folks from Runnemede, Mount Calvary Union Church, and his family.

I thank God for Uncle Bill.  And I'm sure there are many others who were blessed by him and his wife, Marian.

One day I shall see him again, but not until, as a friend of mine recently put it, I've walked and talked with Jesus for 300 years or so.  Well, since there is no time in heaven, I will see Uncle Bill after I've talk with Jesus for a while. 


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