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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas decorations


Earlier today I wrote a rather long Facebook blurb and then decided it should be a BLOG.

I remember in Runnemede dad would wait until he could get a tree for free (late Christmas Eve) or when the trees were reduced from $5 to $1, Christmas Eve day.  I think the lot was next to the bank located at the corner of Lindsay Avenue and CBR. 

Well, we didn't get the tree up until late Christmas Eve, but my mother started the day after Thanksgiving and put up her special ornaments.  I remember a blue angel with yellow hair and gold wings and a gold halo.  I don't know whatever happened to that special porcelain piece, but I can see it in my mind's eye.  And that particular decoration would move around!  Yes, it would. 

One day it would be artfully surrounded with greens set on the top shelf of a fairly high bookcase on the left side facing the bookcase, the clock would be in the middle, and a candle would be on the other end of the case.  Another day would find that same angel on top of the piano, on a mirror my mom saved for Christmas, and which was once again decorated with fresh greens.  Then we would find it on the dining room table, then on mom's desk.  And that rotation went on until late January.  Mom just didn't want to put the decorations away. 

So, I guess I have inherited that trait.  My sister hangs on to her decorations also.

So, I'm wondering, am I just slothful in not wanting to put my decorations and trees away?  Or is it because I really like the way they perk up my home?  With no children anymore, does it bring into my home the feeling of children?

I have to say, mom kept up the practice until I was in my late 30s at least.  After that I think she was just too tired to do the work. 

When finally all the Christmas things were put away, my mom, my sister, and I would occasionally head down to the basement and open the lid of the large trunk that held the things from Bavaria and the Christmas balls from there as well.  And we would unwrap that Angel.  What fun we had on those days. 

And if I remember correctly, that was a rainy day activity.  The boys would just ride around the basement in circles on their trikes while we "girls" would think about and enjoy Christmas day over and over.

Thanks Mom.  I'm glad you liked keeping some things around longer than one week for us to enjoy.  I hope that my children have appreciated that I have done that as well.

And I have to thank Tamara and her family who for the last six Christmases have put up my trees and put around the house my many snowmen.  And folks winter has just started, so the snowmen stay out until February!  You see, I have someone to help make my home bright, an advantage my mom didn't have.  Tamara has made my hospital Christmases bright as well.


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