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Friday, December 27, 2013

This and that.

So many people were praying for Mt. Calvary and the near demolition of that century old church.  I know several area churches were praying.  Many contributed money so that the church could be restructured and the members could once again worship in their familiar building.

I am not sure when the church was built but there is a corner stone that says 1911.  And there was a water hole cover in our back yard, later moved to the edge of Mom's garden on the side of the house,  that also said 1911.  I didn't see that marker the last time I was in Runnemede and did my walkthrough of mom's garden, which was her successor's garden, which then became the church community garden, I suppose.

Anyway, that round cover, which has disappeared since the water hole (aka cesspool) was filled in, wasn't in use for over 50 years.  But I remember that cover, and it was made of cement and stones -- which is called pea gravel these days.  Give stones a special name and you can charge more for them.  Thus pea gravel rather than stones.

I, myself, am so very glad that the church is being rebuilt and that it is now safe enough to be occupied. 

Christmas Eve was the first service since the flood in late July took out the east lower wall. 

I know when dad was pastor they didn't have a Christmas Eve service.  He always went to the Lutheran service (and dragged me along with him, when all I wanted to do was open my gifts) and recommended that anyone who wanted to attend a Christmas Eve service should go there. 

My dad and Pastor Lott had a lot in common theologically, and dad loved that service.  He surely did.

So MCUC opens its doors again.  I pray that the church will grow and be a light on the North side of Clements Bridge Road, as Evangelical Lutheran Church is on the South side.


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