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Saturday, September 14, 2013


So many of my facebook friends have mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Manduka (pictured) and asked about them. 

Mr. Manduka -- uncle Bill to many of us -- was our main driver to all youth events.  I remember one time it was snowing very hard and piling up fast.  It was a Saturday, and Saturday was Youtharama, a program that was held for area church youth at the Philadelphia at Town Hall on every other Saturday night.  He called me and told me that he wasn't taking us to Youtharama.  I was, of course, crushed, and I didn't understand the danger of driving in 12 inches of snow with rear-wheel drive in a big car (by today's standards).  I asked him to please take us.  He was firm and I cried.

The next day there was church, but only 10 people showed up besides our bundled-up family.  My father would never cancel a church service for anything, and weather was on that list.  Mr. and Mrs. Manduka and their two children were four of those 10 people.  They were so faithful.

Mrs. Manduka died several years ago.  She was a teacher until her final illness prevented her from teaching.  I am not certain what she died from, but I believe it was altzheimers. 

Uncle Bill is still living, but he is in failing health.  He is 91.  He does have a facebook account.

Jean is retired.  She still plays the organ at church (Mt. Calvary Union Church), but no facebook account.

David is a missionary in Germany.  His children are grown up now.  I haven't seen him for years, but Mr. Manduka sends me his letters concerning their mission and what's happening in their lives from time to time.

I hope you all will pray for Mr. M (Uncle Bill) that the Lord's will be done with him.  I know he wants to be with his Lord and is looking forward to moving on to his real Home.


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Judy Lucas said...

Judi, I remember Mr. & Mrs. Manduka very well. They would pick me up on Sunday evenings for Youth Group, I guess. My parents & I also lived on Clements Bridge Road, so it was on their way. I went to visit them when my kids were small...I don't remember what year. They were happy to see me. Reading your blog posts have brought back many memories! Thank you! Take care, Judy Mosher Lucas