Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rubber Boots

I was looking through the LL Bean catalog today and saw something that reminded me of those good old days of rubber boots -- we called them rubbers.  Mine were black, boy's boots, hand-me-downs; but they did the job, sort of.

Anyway, we all had them, but the boots went over our shoes, so they had to be a couple of sizes bigger than our shoes so they would fit.  I wasn't overly fond of them for two reasons.

They were difficult to put on and then get off again, especially if you were a third grader and your mother wasn't around to help you.

The second reason was when you wore them in snow, the cold, wet, damp snow tended to implode downward into the boot freezing your tiny feet off and coaxing you to go indoors in less time that  you really wanted to spend outdoors playing in the snow, building snowmen, or sledding down the slight incline across the street, into the street, and onto the yard across the street.


Today the rubber boots are lined in warm, fuzzy fleece, and you don't wear them over your every-day shoes. 



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