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Monday, April 1, 2013


  Flats 2012
I love the shoes (for women) that are currently in style.  They are so much like the shoes we had in the 1960s.  Then arrived a new decade -- the 70s.  And with the new decade, new shoes.  UGLY shoes.  CLUNKY shoes. 

You can tell from the pictures that the CLUNKY and UGLY shoes from the 70s are not nearly as flattering as the shoes in the 60s and in 2013.

I saw my daughter in church yesterday and she had on really beautiful shoes.  They looked like dyed snake-skin and were, I would guess, the five inch heels illustrated in the 2013 picture. 

I wore shoes like the one in the 1960s picture and when the CLUNKY and UGLY 70s shoes came into style, I bought one pair, and decided that was enough.  I had quite a collection of the 60s style shoes and decided to wear them.  So I was out of style; so what! 

Notice the current "flats" style.  Same as in the 60s.  I know, because I still have a pair, believe it or not of 1960s flats.  The price for the 60s pair of flats?  $3.00.  The price for a pair of 2012 flats?  $30.00 at DSW.  Quite a difference.

NOTE:  In the 60s the highest heel available was a three-and-a-half inch heel and we thought that was high.

I fell off the 60s shoes in the late 70s.  Just couldn't walk in them anymore and went to flats.  I've been a flats lover ever since. 


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