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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snowy winter

I know I have a picture of a snowy winter in the 60s, but I can't find it, so you'll have to just visualize a snowy Runnemede in 1961. This is not the picture, I just wanted to put you readers in the mood, so to speak.

I have to smile at some of former Runnemede-ites (or is it Runnemede-ians?) who are on Facebook and still live in the area and their comments about the snowy winter of 2010-11.

Thinking back to 1961, if I recall correctly, we didn't see the tar of the street from Christmas until after March 21 (we had a really bad snow/ice storm on March 15) in 1961. And we all loved the snow. It snowed a lot that year. We had a lot of "snow" days. So many, that school finally closed somewhere around June 25. And it was hot that summer, which started early, so we suffered in an non-air-conditioned high school building.

All of us who are now opining over the snowy/cold weather (including myself) loved the snow when we were young and weren't afraid of falling down and breaking a hip. We had the energy to shovel the snow, although, I usually left that to my brothers. We enjoyed snowball fights. We could make snow angels and get ourselves back up out of the snow with the aid of another human being. We youngsters even enjoyed ice storms, because they left a sheen of ice over everything, and we could break out our ice skates and actually skate on the ice layer left by the ice storm.

Ah, yes, we loved that snow.

Frankly? I still love the snow. It looks pretty. Everything is quiet. You can actually walk in the street without getting run over.
Me? I just stay indoors, and because I'm retired I have the luxury of doing that. Those who have still not retired and have to get out, well, I do feel badly for you.

Just think nice thoughts... "The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful" ...Or sitting in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate, or buttered rum (not my personal favorite) ... Or watching your grandchildren playing in the snow enjoying all the things you used to enjoy.

As I watch the flakes coming down again, at 6 a.m. on a Tuesday morning Februrary 22, 2011, and the school closings are pouring in, I think, better them than me. I'll just stay indoors today, and make my husband some oatmeal and a nice pot of coffee, infused with chocolate, and enjoy the view.


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