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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blast from the past!

Okay, I'm not real proud of this picture, but I thought I'd post it and give you all a laugh!
I'm 16 years old. Note the classy glasses! Note the curly hair! Note the long, Audrey-Hepburn neck!
How time changes things.
I still wear dorky glasses. It seems when I get new glasses, I always purchase a "current" style that is sadly, out-of-style in two weeks after purchase.
The curly hair? It is no more. First, there is so much less hair now, than there was then. Second, the color is different. Under the "coloring" it's snow-white. Third, it is no longer curly, a new phenomenon which has occurred only since I had my hair colored just before Christmas, 2010.
I post this picture so that all my classmates from the Triton class of 1961 can recall what I looked like. The soon-to-be 50th-anniversary-of-our-graduation party will be celebrated. I will be there, Lord willing, and except for the infusion of over 100 pounds since this picture was taken, a different color, hair, you all will recognize me by the "dorky glasses."

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