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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Applesauce is a dessert

Tonight, my husband, Alan, and I went out to Bob Evans to eat. He made it in and out again without falling down. Quite an accomplishment.

But, that's beside the point. Alan ordered meatloaf and changed out the green beans for apple sauce.

He left the apple sauce until last, and just before he started to eat it, he asked me if I wanted dessert, and he thought he did. I pointed to the apple sauce, and said, "Dessert."

He replied: "Apple sauce is not a dessert, it's a vegetable." Since when.

When I was growing up, if we had apple sauce, it was a dessert. It wasn't a garnish, and it wasn't a cake, as I'm sure he enjoyed it, since his mom made a fabulous apple sauce/raisin cake. And it wasn't a salad. And it wasn't a "vegetable." Apple sauce in our house was a dessert.

My mom dressed up canned apple sauce (not the stuff she canned, which we gobbled up in a couple of months, but the stuff that came in a can in the dead of winter) with cinnamon sprinkled on the top. I know it was one of my favorite desserts, and my father seemed to enjoy it, although he had to have a couple of butter cookies with his apple sauce.

So, I can say with all certainty, that apple sauce is a dessert!


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Bill Tracy said...

You're right, Judi. In the house at 8th & Central, applesauce was never anything but dessert. One of my discoveries as a young adult making my way in a strange world was people who ate applesauce with a meal instead of after. One more of the enduring mysteries of this land.