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Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting ready

The family -- what's left of it -- is getting ready to descend on Runnemede in late May.

Mt. Calvary Union Church is celebrating it's 100th anniversary, and most of us are heading to Runnemede for the first part of the 6-month list of events the church is setting up.

The church is going to be in the the 4th of July Parade -- a float. Neat, huh?
In October, which is really when the building opened, but not when the church was incorporated (I think I have that right), they have a special day planned with pictures and a special program.

In some of the official church records they found a page that told the committee step by step how the church celebrated Christmas back in the 20s, and they're recreating that sometime in December. Then for New Year's, they will have an old fashioned Watch Night Service and meal.

I wish I could attend all the celebrative activities, but I can't.

Today has been a day of collecting addresses, getting in touch with family, trying to finalize some of the housing issues we'll have. Trying to get some sort of schedule for the family so we can all get together at least one time (not at the church) just to catch up with each other.

There are some things we all want to do: (1) walk around the block and remember who lived where, take pictures; (2) visit the school across the street -- this might be a problem. We don't want to cause a commotion during school hours. We may have to go really early in the morning on Monday; (3) visit the shore (not gonna happen for all); (4) go to the diner at least one time; (5) go to church; and (6) get some good hugs!

As the time gets closer so the agida increases. So much to do, so little time. What movie is that a line from?

Praying that we all have safe trips. So many families are coming from distant places. I hope to have updates as the time gets closer.


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