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Thursday, August 13, 2009

100th anniversary

The CHURCH, Mt. Calvary Union Church, will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary sometime next year. I can't wait. I DO plan to attend, and as soon as I find out the date I will make my reservation at the local Holiday Inn. So this is a short post as I get some pictures of the times I spent at that church ready for review.

I learned today that the annual Sunday school picnic will be after church on Sunday. Daddy would NEVER have allowed anything to be held on Sunday. It was, after all, the day of rest AND CHURCH. But that's okay. Times do change, and I have to say that I always found our Sunday school picnics relaxing. I don't think my father ever went to the Sunday school picnic anyway, so it wouldn't have made any difference what day the picnic was held on.

I recall that they rented a bus to get us to Lake Palentine in South Jersey for several years because the church was large enough to pay for such a luxury. The picnic was always held on the second Saturday in July. I loved those picnics. Mom always made macaroni salad and potato salad. She brought burgers and hot dogs and the men of the church set up the charcoal grills and the women cooked their meats for their own families. I don't recall any sharing (pot luck style) back then. However, in later years they went to a pot luck type meal, which I'm sure was much easier on the women. My mom always brought a large thermos -- I mean family size thermos -- of kool aid, and we children always hoped it was purple not pink. Purple was grape and that was our favorite.

So, after reading this short burst of Runnemede Remembered, please be sure to keep checking The Fat Lady Singeth at That will keep you up-to-date on my own families happenings out here in Northern Kentucky. A far-piece from Runnemede.


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