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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Cards

Today (it's 12:10 a.m.) is Valentine's Day. Not my favorite holiday.

If you want to know why, go to The Fat Lady Singeth. That's a real Runnemede Remembered story and it's about Valentine cards, or the lack thereof.

Now on to this day and year.

Yesterday I did what I have been trying to do each year for the past several, and that is send out valentines to all the grandchildren. That means a trip to Hallmark. I was worried about that trip because when I go into a store, I tend to, well, "trip." However, I did okay, and I spent a huge amount of money to get Valentine cards for the grands and my husband. Wow! What happened to the 10 cent card? Back in my Runnemede years, Mr. Pitt sold nice Valentine cards for a dime! He owned the drugstore on the corner of the Pike and First Avenue.

I realize that cards have increased in price, and bargains can be found, but I really like Hallmark cards. So, I bit the bullet and got the cards, wrote them out, and got them in the mail today. They should all be delivered tomorrow, Valentine's Day. Hope you grandchildren like them.

Memom sends her love to you all (pop-pop is included in that love, by the way).


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