Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My recipe BLOG

Well, the past two weeks' report is in, and only one person is reading this BLOG. Well, maybe more are reading it, but only one person per day is reading it. So, I'm asking, is it worth it to do this on-line "cook book" for you folks who read this BLOG.

I learned last night of an author from South Philly who just published a book (Gravy Wars by Lorraine Renalli) and I really am looking forward to getting a copy of the book because she includes so much of the South Philly Italian humor in the book.

You're probably asking, what's with this South Philly thing I keep bringing up. Well, frankly it's because I have fond memories of my many, many visits to South Philly and the family members who lived there. I went there from the time I was a small child, holding onto my mom's hand, and listening to her converse with the folks down there in Italian, not understanding a word of what she was saying. I often wondered what "secrets" she shared with her friends. They all seemed so old to me.

And I remember that when I was about 14 and was permitted to go to Philadelphia by myself, without a parent tagging along (or was I tagging along with a parent?) and then switching from the bridge el to the Broad street el to get down to my family in South Philly. Can you imagine an unaccompanied14-year-old girl getting on a subway in Philadelphia in this day and age? I was never afraid, and never worried for my safety, and apparently neither did my parents. Times were so different then.

So, if you want to get a flavor for what we ate back when I was growing up, and find out what and how I learned to cook, you must read this new BLOG -- Runnemede Remembered Recipes (click on the title to link to the new BLOG). Comments appreciated!



wabisabigirl said...

I just read your recipe blog and now I need a chicken pot pie. But it's 8:28pm and Ben is gone and I have no chicken;)

Judi Hahn said...

And you're having a CPP craving at 8:30 in the evening, and you're not pregnant? Hmmm. Did you eat your supper like a good mama should or did you skip because the children didn't let you get a mouthful? I know that trick, happened all the time when my children were small. Hope you can accommodate your craving at dinnertime sometime soon.

Lori said...

I'm enjoying the blog a lot!! I might not have looked at it EVERY day, but nearly. Probably 5 days a week. I always love a new recipe, especially one that's been tried by people I know, because they're always much better than the ones in the cookbooks I have. My favorite cookbook in fact is one that a bunch of moms put together when I was in high school. Moms always have the best recipes. :-) So I say keep it up!

Amy said...

I really enjoy reading your recipe blog. I admit I don't read it more than a couple times a week at most, but that's because of a lack of time rather than a lack of interest. I'm glad you've started this!