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Saturday, May 30, 2015


I have to admit that when I get nervous I laugh -- or giggle.  It's a plague that has sometimes been a bad thing ever since I was a teenager.

Case(s) in point.

I was in a girls trio at church and we often would sing for the morning or evening service in what was called "special music".  That's when a group or person would provide spiritual music for the church congregation. 

I am an alto.  I can sing the second part naturally, and sometimes I can sing tenor.  I remember several incidences when our girls trio at church was asked to sing and I would start giggling when we started into our song because I was nervous.  I wish I could remember who was in that trio with me.  I know Kathy Kenders was, but I can't remember who the other person was. 

When I played the violin with a couple of other instrumentalists, yes I would giggle, but I didn't have to sing and voice any words.  Giggling and singing don't go hand-in-hand.

Well, in my senior year at Triton I tried out for All-State Chorus (at our chorus teacher's suggestion).  I also with several others from Triton tried out.  I was paired with three others (not from Triton), and I was singing (or supposed to be singing) the alto. 

Unfortunately, as soon as my group began singing, I began giggling -- the nerves set in.  We (my group) had rehearsed the song we were given (everyone who tried out sang the same thing) and were flawless and sounded really good, until...

We went before the judges and I started giggling and I couldn't stop, even though the judges were kind enough to allow my group to start over SEVERAL TIMES.  Yes, I blew it for myself and perhaps the other members of my group, I don't know.

When we got back to school on Monday after the Saturday auditions, our teacher was kind enough to tell us who was chosen, but said nothing about who wasn't or why.  I'm sure my giggling knocked me out. 



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