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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Church destroyed

I don't have much information on the Mt. Calvary Union Church's destruction by water which occurred as a wall of water knocked out the foundation of the church and it is not open to anyone until engineers look at it.  (run-on sentence)

You can google Runnemede, NJ news and you will read as much as I know.

I am crying right now.  I think I spent as many hours in that church from the time I was one year old until I married when I was 23 as I spent any place else except home.  That church was my second home.  So many memories.  So many messages that my father preached which I sat through and by the grace of God the words entered into my brain and I can now recall much of what my father taught.

I'm thinking about the inside of the church, the room in which I was married, the stained-glass windows, the pewter lighting fixtures, the "new" pews which the men of the church put together many, many years ago, the piano and organ which I played for so many years -- not at the same time, of course, the orchestra, Sunday School teachers and classes, Christmas programs, Sunday school picnics.  Do you get the picture of how much influence and a part of my life that church was. 

I know the "church" is not a building, but the people.  I still have many memories of the building.


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